The following behavior is prohibited on ClubhouseMC:

  • Discrimination - the unfair or prejudicial treatment of people and groups based on characteristics such as race, gender, age or sexual orientation. 

  • Inappropriate Chat language - This includes, but is not limited to discussing inappropriate topics such as drugs, sexual activities, illegal activities, mental health [e.g. suicide or self-harm] and breaking server rules.

  • Trolling - Misleading or tricking players into using certain commands or any other actions to ruin their experience on the server will result in a punishable offense at staff's discretion.

  • Chat Filter Bypassing - Bypassing our swear filters will result in a mute.

  • Disrespect - Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can disagree with each other, but this has to stay in a respectful manner. This goes for both players and staff members. Any kind of insulting, harassing, and bullying is not allowed.

  • False Information - Spreading false information about the server, staff, or a player will result in either a mute or ban depending on the severity of what was said.

  • Spamming - Spamming includes posting repeated messages to chat in quick succession, keyboard mashing, and excessive character drag. The encouragement of spam will not be tolerated and will also result in punishment. 

  • Advertising - Advertising other servers, discords, or any other media not associated with ClubhouseMC is strictly prohibited.

  • DDoS - We take the safety of our network and players seriously. We do not allow any form of threats towards the server or other players. 

  • Doxing - Using a player's information for malicious purposes is strictly prohibited. Acts such as swatting, leaking or other attempts of violence are not allowed. Those who are caught will be barred from accessing any part of ClubhouseMC and may also be reported to the proper authorities.

  • Inappropriate Usernames - Usernames that are deemed inappropriate will result    in a permanent ban until the username is changed.

  • Inappropriate Skins - Skins that are deemed inappropriate will result in a permanent ban until the skin has been changed.

  • Inappropriate Builds - Builds such as swastikas, penises, or any other builds deemed offensive will be cleared and the user will be punished. 

  • Staff Impersonation - Pretending to be a member of the staff team will result in punishment.

  • Account Boosting - Users are allowed to alt accounts as long as they are not used to gain an unfair advantage. 

  • Punishment Evasion - When a player has received a punishment on their account and uses an alternate account to get around this will result in that account also receiving the same punishment. If this occurs a second time, a permanent IP ban will be issued. 

  • Language - ClubhouseMC uses American English as its official language. However, we do unofficially accept the following languages: Canadian English, British English, and Australian English. Users may speak other languages in private chats with other players. The same rules apply regardless of the language and those who use another language to bypass chat rules may be punished and may lose the privilege to speak languages other than English.