Welcome to ClubhouseMC! We are a Minecraft server located in the United States that opened in early 2020! Our aim is to create a community where players interact with one another on the goal of friendship. We are a survival Minecraft server, however we have come up with some great plugins that will make the gaming experience fun. ClubhouseMC is a server that has been created by two brothers that have spent the past 8+ years playing on different minecraft servers. We want to put together what we have learned and put it all in one server to give everyone out there the best experience that any minecraft server can give. Most of our players are from another server that has shut down and were looking for a new home. Perfectly Balanced Shop and Economy! - Multiple donor ranks that help the server stay alive and give you some amazing perks! - Jobs - McMMO - Auctions - Custom Mobs -  And More! We look forward to seeing you on the server!